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Dry in 1 Hour! 30 Day Guarantee!

Why Heaven's Best
  • We offer a 30 day guarantee *
  • Dry in 1 Hour
  • Organic Citrus Base Solution
  • Safe for Pets and People
  • Low-Moisture Process
  • Quiet Equipment (We won’t disturb your neighbors)
  • Family and locally owned and operated since 1983
  • Licensed and Insured
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Firm Appointment Times
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Safe for Pets and People

*if you are not happy with a certain area that we cleaned for you,
  we will come back and re-clean the area for free.


Our Services

  • Commercial & Residential
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery & Leather Cleaning
  • Hardwood Floors Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Area Rug & Mattress Cleaning
  • Cars, Boats, Motor Homes, & Airplanes
  • Spots, Stains, & Gum Removal
  • Fabric Protector & Disinfectant

Upholstery & Leather Cleaning
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     Upholstery & Leather Cleaning 
         Service Altadena - Arcadia

Bring the 'New" back to your furniture

No matter what furniture cleaning you need, Heaven's Best can handle it for you. Your furniture is an important investment that endures tremendous daily wear and tear.

Keeping Your Upholstery Fresh & Clean

We understand the value of keeping your furniture clean, not only so you needn't replace it, but also so you and your family live, eat, and relax in a clean, healthy environment.Whether you need your newest antique addition carefully cleansed, your favorite family lounge refreshed, or a thrift-store treasure deep cleaned, we can accommodate your needs quickly and efficiently.

Keeping It Fresh

Our expert cleaning crews have the skill, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to take care of all your furniture cleaning needs.Each technician is highly trained in handling all types of fabrics and furniture coverings - from leathers and suede to silks and velvets to synthetics and natural fibers. We will have the perfect, eco-friendly cleaning solution for your upholstered furnishing that disintegrates dirt and stains, leaving them thoroughly cleansed and fresh smelling.

Heaven's Best holds customer service as our number one value. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your needs are met and your satisfaction is complete.

Upholstery care tips

A critical though often neglected responsibility of upholstery owners is routine maintenance. Care must begin when the upholstery is first put into service. The following guidelines will assist you in maintaining upholstered fabrics.

Controlling Soil

Upholstered furniture is more susceptible to soiling on arms and seat cushions, as well as the upper inside back, head-rests, pillows and skirt areas. Using arm covers and rotating seat cushions frequently prolongs fabric life and appearance.

Dry Soil Removal

Vacuuming and, depending on fabric durability and construction, brushing upholstery routinely is recommended to remove dust and particle soil. This enhances appearance and prolongs fabric life. Equally important, the soil that is vacuumed from the fabric must not be allowed to re-enter the air, possibly contributing to indoor environmental pollution (IEP).

Immediate Spotting

Most spots or spills can be removed easily if the excess is scooped up or blotted and treated immediately with plain water or neutral spotters. If ignored, these spots, or components thereof, may bond to fibers, possibly causing permanent stains. Immediate spot cleaning is essential. Extreme caution must be observed when spotting leather or dry-clean-only fabrics.

Cleaning Frequency 

Every 12 to 24 months, professionally clean upholstered furniture and fabrics subjected to routine use. Increased cleaning frequency may be required when fabric subjected to heavy use, or when it is located in homes occupied by persons with allergies or respiratory sensitivity.Furniture and fabric manufacturers recommend that consumers not wait until severe soiling occurs before cleaning is accomplished. The greater the soiling, the less the likelihood of restoring the original color, appearance and texture of the fabric – and the greater the adverse affect on indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

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